Maryland / Delaware Division Allegheny SAF

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Contact Rob Feldt, Division Chair for more information about this division and upcoming events.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Rob Feldt
(o) 410-260-8529

A Message from the Chair

Members of MD/DE SAF and other forestry professionals
Who are we? What do we do? Why does it matter? When we are first introduced to someone, these questions are essentially all that people want to know about anyone. These are the questions the SAF has been asking itself recently to establish a brand, and that effort lead to these commitments:

Thriving Forests. Essential Resources. Strong Communities.

I like to think of the Maryland/Delaware SAF as a group of educated, trained and dedicated professionals that practice the art and science of Forestry, and serve those professionals largely by providing opportunities for continuing education and personal growth. We also represent those professional forester?s interests, and by extension, the interests of the entire industry. It matters because we need thriving forests that produce essential resources that make our communities stronger. It matters because Forestry, and sustainable forest management is still not fully understood by the public; ultimately our clientele.

Over the next two years I would like to continue the excellent work SAF does to provide continuing education opportunities to our members and others. I would like to increase our membership; a new dues structure makes it easier than ever to be a member. Overall national membership increased last year for the first time since the mid-90?s, a very encouraging sign.

I believe if you ask foresters why they are not SAF members you will get a variety of answers. One reason that I would like to work to dispel, I asked in my opening sentence, ? Why does it matter? As SAF members we must do a better job of answering that question for ourselves and be willing to share that answer with anyone when given the opportunity.

If you are interested in learning about membership in the Society of American Foresters, please contact Bud Reaves, our membership chair, and he will be happy to provide you the needed information. Thank you.

Rob Feldt
MD/DE SAF, Chair

Maryland / Delaware SAF Spring Meeting

Save the Date: May 28, 2015
The Maryland/Delaware SAF Spring meeting will be at the famous Woodmont Lodge in Washington County. The theme is The Future of Mid-Atlantic Forests.

Meeting info: Agenda & Registration

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Meetings & Presentations

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