Allegheny SAF

Serving Forests and Foresters of PA WV NJ MD DE

The Allegheny SAF has a membership of 1,100 professional foresters in the five states of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. 

Since 1900, the Society of American Foresters has provided access to information and networking opportunities to prepare members for the challenges and the changes that face natural resource professionals.

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Allegheny Website Revised

The Allegheny Society of American Foresters website has gone through several revisions as we have learned more about the technology behind creating and maintaining an Internet presence. Much of the reason for this third major revision, is that that very technology has grown dramatically and this offers a much greater platform and set of tools to bring information and content to our members and the world.

I hope you, the members of the Allegheny, like to new format. As always, suggestions and constructive criticism is always welcomed.

Jack Perdue

Allegheny SAF Webmaster