Allegheny SAF

Serving Forests and Foresters of PA WV NJ MD DE

The Allegheny SAF has a membership of 1,100 professional foresters in the five states of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. 

Since 1900, the Society of American Foresters has provided access to information and networking opportunities to prepare members for the challenges and the changes that face natural resource professionals.

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Allegheny SAF 2017-2020 Strategic Plan Draft Available for Review

The Allegheny SAF 2017-2020 Strategic Plan Draft is available for review and comments. The Vision statement reads, The Allegheny SAF – primarily working through its local divisions and chapters – will become the premier widely sought after and frequently accessed organization by those seeking information, knowledge, and recommendations on the sustainable management of our dynamic forests, waters, wildlife, and other natural forest resources, and their relationship to society.

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Download Strategic Plan Draft: Word (doc), PDF

MOU Between The Allegheny SAF, The National Capital SAF and the SAF District 7 Representative to the National Board of Directors

This MOU was signed on January 2017, between the Allegheny Society of American Foresters (ANSAF) the National Capital Society of American Foresters (NCSAF), and the SAF District 7 Board Representative commit to providing fair and equitable leadership opportunities for the members of each unit, specifically in reference to the District 7 seat on the National Society of American Foresters Board of Directors. Download